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Laying along the pond on dew-grass, she murmured the spell she had been mastering for long. And all of a sudden, appeared a divine & beautiful demure of a young woman from the heart of a fully-bloomed lotus. “Ask what you thrive for” the lady whispered quietly. Awestruck and bemused, she took a deep sigh of that sweet and fruity scent which slowly engulfed the entire garden, and gradually she was lost in her daydreams.

The pleasant scent of lotus is unmatched and has been used since ages by royal family products.


100% Lotus Essential Oil Soyawax Candle- 220gms

Once you light this candle and the sweet aroma reaches your senses, your mind and body will get filled with intense positive energies, making you spiritually activated. This is a perfect scent for your meditation sessions as its strong aroma improves your existing concentration levels.



Burn Time- 55hrs

Environmental friendly candle from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden Rule - 

Always cut ¼ inches of the candle to prevent smoke formation and «mushrooming» .Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when used for the first time.


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