Candle Burning Tips

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Candle Burning Tips


Burning candles holds a golden rule ‘trimming the candle wick’  atleast ¼ inch before burning it. An untrimmed wick can lead to black smoke and uneven candle burning. A wick can be cut using a regular scissor or nail trimmer.


First burn of 4-5 hours is very important . Soy hold memory and if got uneven burn in first go, it might follow for rest of the candle ,leading to tunneling of wax .  . Let the wax cool down and then continue for another 4-5 hours burn. This procedure will not lead to mushrooming of wick which can cause candle to emit black smoke.







Never place  a candle in direct contact with air. Even movement of people around it can cause flame to flicker, which can also lead to uneven burning and black smoke.


While placing a group of candles together, always make sure to place them at a distance of 2-3 inch. This will help the candle to burn evenly and could possibly avoid the flame to heat  the surroundings of other candles.

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