Fragrance is the key to our memories .... since 2001

An elopement marriage; which was devoid of parents blessings, devoid of pomp and show, and eventually considered futile; found its solace in fragrances.

As luxury was unattainable so cheap fragrances brought us pleasure which helped connect the beautiful past and present amidst the harshness of life.


Time changed and after the birth of our elder daughter, we became capable enough to afford our first luxury perfume.

Happiness knew no borders and evenings grew more romantic, pumping our dopamine to higher levels.

They say, time and money don’t cooperate always, but when they do, they change our destiny forever.

For us, opportunity knocked at our door and in the blink of an eye, we left behind our country , our awry past and flew towards Norway, a land we had only heard about in fairytales.

Though we moved here, but the passion for fragrances didn’t just vanish in the air. In Norway, we came across different forms of candles and aroma diffusers.

But something was missing,  the fragrances would not stay for long.

So, after months of trials and testing we decided to shove of the old idea of fragrances and instead create our own set of aromatic products.

After intensive research we were able to extract the true meaning of fragrances and we’ve set off to share it with the world too.

We believe that fragrances have the power to affect our emotions and moods in a positive way by connecting us to beautiful memories of the past and the journeys that have shaped us into who we are. And hence we present to you our very own KAMSEEN – the house of fragrances !!! Established in 2019