Candles have been used by humans since thousands of years ago. It not only lightens up a dark room but its flame have a mystical effect on our minds. Scented candles plays an equivalent role with our brains. .  Scent has a complex relationship with the brain. Smell  crosses the blood-barrier and travels to the central nervous system. Our emotions and our sense of smell are highly attached. So, when we lit a  fragranced candle our brain is triggered and enhances our mood and create memories.


.We at  Kamseen.no, creates handmade scented candles, which will not only lit your house but will enhance the moment. Our fragrances will give you a feeling of euphoria for different occasions in your life. We strive to bring different unforgettable fragrances  , which will uplift your mood and will create memories. Our candles are paraben free and is made of  natural soy wax.Fragrances which we use are cruelty free and are not risky for health.