LAVONILLA- Coconut, Lavender & Vanilla


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An oasis of tranquility, Lavonilla can definitely drive you crazy over the romantic aroma of lavender, chamomile and vanilla. Make your living space a heavenly bliss. Indulge in a promise of increased endorphins and feel the power of happiness around you.

Kamseen Lavonilla- 220gms Soyawax Scented Candle

Top notes: coconut, peach

Heart notes: lavender, lilac, chamomile

Base notes: cedarwood, vanilla

Burn Time- 55hrs

Environmental friendly candle from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden Rule -

Always cut ¼ inches of the candle to prevent smoke formation and «mushrooming» .Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when used for the first time.


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