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Dry trembling lips, burning cheeks, shoulders shivering with shy, her body was soaking red as she smiled, and slowly he held her an inch closer. ‘Here, for you’, he sighed caressing her beautiful pallor with a dreamy white rose, and on came an unusual pounding of hearts, filling the silence of the lush garden which was lost in muse of this intense magical moment. Presenting Rose,

The symbol of love and peace. This ambient and evocative fragrance is mysteriously relaxing and restorative, sure to make the best of all choices for you.

100% Rose Essential Oil Soyawax Candle- 220gms

 “The Queen of essential oils”- Rose, has been highly sought after for its powerful aroma and intense topical and emotional benefits. Once you light this candle, it’s luxurious scent begins by filling your senses with the warmth of thousands of fully bloomed roses, such that you start imagining yourself in a garden and your mind and body gets infused with positivity.


Burn Time- 55hrs

Environmental friendly candle from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden Rule - 

Always cut ¼ inches of the candle to prevent smoke formation and «mushrooming» .Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when used for the first time.


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