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Sandalwood Essential Oil- Quantity- 10 ml 

Botanical name- Santalum Spicatum

 Family- Santalaceae

 Source- Wood

 Origin- Australia

Processing Method- Steam Distillation

Color/Consistency -A medium, clear, pale yellow to golden liquid.

Aromatic Summary: Sandalwood essential oil has a woody and earthy aroma which is incredible and makes it a unique fragrant resource. It has a base note with a medium aroma.


Product Description-Sandalwood is a commonly known tree. It spreads woody and sweet fragrance when used as a base product to manufacture incense, cosmetics and perfumes. Traditionally, this 100% pure range of Sandalwood essential oil has been considered as a significant part of religious activities in India. But now, it has extended its wings as a one-stop solution to solve perfumery, cosmetics, therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Counted as the most valuable tree, it is also considered as the second highest expensive wood in the markets. Known as the best incense, it is preferred as the most effective resource for accomplishing meditation. It has an influential aroma which increases devotion and helps people bring peace of mind.


Technical Analysis


 (S)-(Z)-Lanceol 18.0%

epi-Cyclosantalal 5.9%

 Lanceoloxide 3.9% 2,(7Z,10Z)

-Bisabolatrien-13-ol 5.6%

(–)-epi-a-Bisabolol 5.1%

Cyclosantalal 2.6%

b-Bisabolene 3.7%


May be harmful by inhalation or if swallowed.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Ask for advice if you are pregnant.
Not suitable for infants.
Store dry and cool.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.
For external use only.

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