Making Of Kamseen Candles.

Making Of Kamseen Candles.

This is How we make Kamseen candles!!

A big business starts small - Richard Branson. This is how we melt our wax at home for our candles. When it is handmade it is made with all love and passion. 3kg of Soy wax being melted

Adding Fragrance/Essential Oil at the right temperature. Adding oil at high temperature will make it evaporate and adding at low will not let it mix well. So adding that RIGHT temperature is all about game here. Our luxury fragrance oil and pure essential oils are added at the right temperature so that when you light our candles you can feel the fragrance effect in the air for a long time.

Third and final stage - Pouring

Each glass is placed on a weighing scale and is slowly filled up to 160gms for our 20cl glass size.

Later these candles are left to cure for at least 15 days before it is set out to sell.