Reviews from Victoria hotel -

'Hotel Victoria wants to give its guests an experience for all the senses.
Give a good feeling as soon as you enter the hotel.

We have handpicked different scents for different areas to give our guests a luxurious feeling. Kamseen scented candles offer a large portfolio that fits perfectly with our brand. Thanks to Ruchi for brilliant service and follow-up!'

Monika Sandvold, General Manager Hotel Victoria, Stavanger

Kamseen AS was established in 2019, as a retailer of scented candles from other brands. When we tested these brands ourselves, we discovered that they lacked quality and most were made from paraffin wax or a mixture of paraffin and plant-based wax. There was no lingering fragrance in them either.

What is the use of a scented candle when it cannot cover the room with a delicate fragrance?

Therefore, the idea was that we had to launch our own range of scented candles. We carried out rigorous experiments and in 2020 launched our first light.

A sustainable candle made from vegan and cruelty-free products. This means that we use natural ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Features of our light:

  1. Use of plant-based wax - Soya wax
  2. Using paraben-free oils - That means no headaches.
  3. Contains high-quality oils - This means it covers the room and has a long-lasting effect. The result can be seen within the first 15-30 minutes after the burn.
  4. Provides longer burning time - Soy wax is plant-based and burns gradually. It provides more burning hours compared to other branded candles.

We religiously follow all guidelines set by different countries for the sale of our candles. All candles are handmade with love in our studio, which is our home.

Each candle comes with a thank you card, an important information card, a fun fact about the nose and a scent note card where the customer can get to know the scents in the chosen candle. For the shops, we offer supplementary marketing material such as shop cards, including information about our candles and brand.

Besides candles, we also sell superior quality and 100% pure essential oils, packaged in high quality Miron Violet bottles from the Netherlands.

We bet you will love our products !!

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