'Smell is a potent wizard, which transports you across
thousands of miles and all the years you have lived' ~ Helen

Imagine you are on a shopping spree with your partner and
after hours of searching you finally spot a really beautiful one
dress inside a glassy store. You eventually bounce towards it,
happier than ever. But alas! As soon as you get in that store
something triggers your bad mood, and even after bargaining
heavily you opt not to buy that appealing dress. You rush out
of the store in anguish, breathing heavily. And as a result,
your partner is left confused as to what really happened to
you. So eventually, your 'YAY day' turns into a 'BAD day'.
According to human psychology, any change in behavior is
backed by extensive scientific reasons.
So this incident leads us into a clothing store. After a quick
survey, we found that it was the aroma of the store which
disturbed our poor little nose, and few of our colleagues too
faced the same mood degrading experience. But surprisingly,
a third of our team felt the emotion of pleasure and happiness
and wanted to stay in that store for some more time. Upon
further interrogation, we found out that they were suddenly
reminded of happy memories of childhood which gave them a
calming experience.

So how come, the same scent had different effects on
different people?
This strange discovery of ours got more weight, when we
came across a research carried out at the Duke University.
According to this research, everyone's sense of smell is

This means, every individual perceives the scent of a
fragrance differently.

Also, according to the research, individuals differ on theirs
receptor levels, means when we smell something good/bad,
receptors that get activated, can be very different based on
our genomes.

So mind you, a fresh rose may smell different to Jack than it
does to Jill, and she might reject his offer very soon, although
a rose is a rose and will always be a rose.
But how does this system of perception work, and to be
precisely, how do we smell differently?
The answer lies in our olfactory system.
In humans, we perceive a scent through our olfactory
systems. Everyday, we come across several fragrances which
affect our moods and working capacities.
During the constant process of inhaling and exhaling, the
fragrance molecules enter our nostrils and get straight away
attached to our olfactory epithelium, which is a tissue
containing olfactory receptors.

These olfactory receptors send signals to the brain via the
olfactory nerve. Thus, the olfactory system is described to
have a relatively direct connection to those parts of the brain
which are involved in memory and emotion creation. Thus,
this is how the fragrance gets identified by our brains as very
pleasing or very unappealing.
In recent years, various studies have also revealed that
olfactory stimulation through fragrance inhalation exercises
various psychophysiological effects on human beings. Duck
this is the reason why natural fragrance candles and essential
oils, have been used for mental, spiritual and physical healing
since ages.
So the next time you find yourself confused about your taste
of fragrances, just relax and choose what fits best with you
mood and gives you the feeling of pure satisfaction.

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