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SCENTED CANDLES BAZAAR- Rose, Fruity & Leather

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The Kamseen gives you an exquisite warm and dark blend of mystery, which sparks your imagination and takes you to your distant memories. "Bazaar" is endowed with a delicious heady rose tangled with a climbing white jasmine encased in a soft bed of powdery musk. You will definitely fall in love with this aromatic delicacy.

 Exquisitely warm and dark, almost hypnotic. Deliciously intoxicating rose in the evening sun, tangled with a climbing white jasmine, encased in a soft bed of moss.

Top notes: sweet, rose, fruity, leather

Heart notes: flowers, jasmine, gardenia, heliotrope, violet, patchouli

Base notes: musk, moss, powdery

Size- 220gms

Burning time-55 hours

PS- Tin color may sometimes vary due to non-availability of the same color as shown in the picture. Boxes are available in gold, silver and rose gold.

Size- 100gms

Burning time - 22 hours

Environmentally friendly light from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden rule:

Always cut ¼ inch off the candle to prevent smoke formation and "mushrooming"

Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when using for the first time.