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Buy 2 aromatherapy scented candles and get one lid free. Please add the cover to your cart to receive this offer.

She lay back on the couch, lost in thought. Anxiety filled her pale face with a faint displeasure. But suddenly her spirits were lifted by a rich aroma...filling the room...filling her soul with peace, despite the noise of the city.

Curious, she sighed: "Lavender!!"

100% Lavender Essential Oil scented candle

A soothing and relaxing scent. Lavender has the ability to reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Also used to treat headaches and insomnia. Ideal to burn right before bed, or just to de-stress and relax.

Burning time- 20hrs -75gms

Environmentally friendly light from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden rule:

Always cut ¼ inch off the candle to prevent smoke formation and "mushrooming"

Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when using for the first time.