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Buy 2 aromatherapy scented candles and get one lid free. Please add the cover to your cart to receive this offer.

"...and, they lived happily ever after". He closed the book and stared at the starry sky above him. The cool breeze and the rich scent of jasmine bushes was part soothing and part sensual. Jhon had been lying on his lawn since the evening reading a classic romance novel that happened to be a "special" birthday present 10 years ago. The book and the jasmine bushes played a significant role in bringing back the sweet and beautiful memories.

Jasmine is as sensual and juicy as its name. Its fragrance has spectacularly been an important element in ancient therapies. And the remarkable floral scent is a must for a romantic date night. Put one in your shopping cart then

 Jasmine is as sensual and luscious as its name. Its fragrance has spectacularly been an essential element in age-old therapies. And its remarkable floral scent is a must have for a romantic date night. Add one to your cart too

100% Jasmine Essential Oil scented candle

As soon as the heat from the wick reaches the heart of the candle, you experience an unusual burst of adrenaline. The sweet flower energy will take over your mind and you will feel happier than ever. When the surroundings are filled with this fragrance, you will feel that excess stress is reduced and the oxygen reaches all parts of the body. The power of this aroma is so strong that even when you extinguish the flame, you can still feel a boost of confidence. This makes it an excellent aphrodisiac - perfect for turtle doves.

Burning time- 55hrs - 220gms

Burning time- 20hrs -75gms

Environmentally friendly light from Kamseen

Handmade in Norway

Golden rule:

Always cut ¼ inch off the candle to prevent smoke formation and "mushrooming"

Let the candle burn for 2-3 hours when using for the first time.