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Amount- 10 ml

Origin - India

Botanical name: Rosa Centifolia

Family: Rosaceae

Source: Flowers

Treatment method: Liquid extraction

Color / Consistency: A light liquid with a brownish color after extraction.

Aromatic Summary: The Rose de Mai oil emits a deep, sweet, rose-like fragrance when used. Blending: This oil is of high quality, pairs well with a few concentrations such as Rose Hybrids including R. Gallica & R. x centifolia.

Product description of Rose De MaI natural essential oil: Widely in demand in the perfume industry, but also dominates the cosmetic market due to its exceptional skin rejuvenating properties. Rose D Mal essential oil comes with powerful botanicals that provide extra benefits and provide young, glowing and healthy skin to the users. As a flower extract, the oil acts as a heart opener for those suffering from anxiety and stress.

May be harmful by inhalation or if swallowed.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Ask for advice if you are pregnant.
Not suitable for infants.
Store dry and cool.
Store out of the reach of children and animals.
For external use only.